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Set Global Completion Criteria

You can set global (company-wide) completion criteria that learners must meet in order to complete any course in the Skillport Catalog.

Note: If you have also set course-specific completion criteria for one or more courses, the course-specific criteria supersede the global criteria.

To set global completion criteria

  1. Click Configuration > Completion Criteria on the navigation bar.

    The Completion Criteria page appears.


  2. In the Global Criteria section, click Edit.

    The Edit Completion Criteria dialog box appears.


  3. Change the completion criteria as needed. For help with this step, see Completion Criteria Settings.

    Note: You cannot preserve existing completions and change global completion criteria (or the visitation mode) at the same time.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Contact Skillsoft Technical Support and request that your company's database be re-summarized.