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Player Skins

Skins are alternative color schemes and graphics that modify the appearance of the Skillsoft Course Player.

To configure skin options for the Skillsoft Course Player

  1. Click Display > Player Skins on the navigation bar.

    The Skins Options page displays.

  2. Configure the skin options as needed:



    Skins Directory

    Specify the virtual directory location where user skins are installed. The skins directory must be located on the same server as the Skillsoft Course Player and content.

    Company skin

    Select a default skin for the company. Skillport comes with several skins:

    Ocean Blue

    Desert Sand

    High Contrast

    Rain Forest Green

    Additional custom skins may also be available for your company.

    User Selectable Skins?

    Select Yes to enable users to select their own player skin. Select No to disable this feature.

  3. Click Update.