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User Profile

You can configure user profile information to:

  • Enable and manage the information fields that display on the Self-Registration page (see Registration Options)
  • Control what information fields are available when creating new users

To configure user profile settings

  1. Click Configuration > User Profile on the navigation bar.

    The Configure User Profile Information page appears.

    Note: If your site is configured to support it, the Configure User Profile Information page may appear differently than shown above in order to allow you to enter localized labels and, when applicable, localized drop-down values. If this is the case, see Specify Localized Labels and Values for Fields for additional information.

  2. Configure the settings for each field as desired:




    Select this check box to display the field on the New User Registration form.

    Field Name (informational)

    (Read-only) The field name in the SkillPort database.


    The caption that displays next to the field on the Self-Registration form and in custom reports.

    Field Type

    You can choose between a text field (the user can enter information) or a drop-down list.

    Text for option field

    If you select Drop Down for Field Type, you can enter the drop-down list options here. Each option must be separated by a # character. You can enter up to 3,500 characters including the # symbol, but note that other restrictions may be set on the maximum number of characters by the Field Size (Informational) setting (see below).


    The order that the field displays on the New User Registration form.


    Select this check box if this is a required field in order to complete registration.

    Field Size (Informational)

    (Read-only) Displays the maximum number of characters that a user can enter in a text field, or the maximum number of characters for any option in a drop-down list.

    Self Reg

    Select this check box to make the field available on the Self-Registration form.

    My Profile

    Select this check box to make the field available to users in the Edit User Profile feature in Skillport.

    User Manager Create/Edit User

    Select this check box to make the field available to administrators when they create and edit users on the User Management page.

    Report Filter Options

    Select this check box to make the field available as a filter for reports that include user data. The enable_custom_dimensions parameter must be set to 1 in order for this option to display.

    NOTE: Please carefully consider which User Profile fields you enable for reporting purposes. If a User Profile field is included in a saved Personal Report template, and you subsequently disable the field or uncheck "Report Filter Options", the report templates that use this filter will no longer filter correctly for that field.

    It is best to enable only Custom Profile Fields for Report Filter Options if the field will contain a limited number of unique values.  The User Profile Report Filter was designed to let you easily filter data such as Region, Job Code, Country or Business Unit.  The filter presents a drop-down list of the first 200 alphabetically-sorted values that exist in the data.

    If the Custom Field has more than 200 values, it is usually best to Save the report and filter it in Excel.  Be sure to include the Custom Field in Display Options.

  3. Click Submit.