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You can add hyperlinks to custom pages within Skillport. These links can point to other custom pages in Skillport or to external documents and web sites. Restrictions and best practices for working with hyperlinks are described in the following sections.

Absolute Paths and Relative Paths

You can use either an absolute path or a relative path for the hyperlinks.

An absolute path Uniform Resource Locator (URL):

  • Must start with 'http' or should be of the format <any string>.action.
  • If the URL starts with 'http', then the string length should be at least nine characters.
  • If the URL is in the format <any string>.action, then the length of any string should be at least two characters.

A relative path URL:

  • Must start with either '/' or './'.
  • Should be followed by a folder name or a file name.
  • Should end with a file name (file name is a string that has one occurrence of '.').

Examples of valid URLs:

  • goodbyepageurl = "goodbye.action"
  • segment URL = "main.action?rightPanel=myplan&rightAction=home"
  • segment URL = /custom/customPage.html
  • Background Image URL = ./images/Skillport-bckgrd.jpg
  • segment URL =

Hyperlinks to Non-HTML Documents

You cannot create direct links to non-HyperText Markup Language (HTML) documents (for example, a Microsoft Word document). You can save the target document as HTML and link to it, or you can define it as custom content in the Catalog Manager.

Hyperlinks to External Documents

You can add links to pages outside Skillport using HTML or HTML with JavaScript. To add a link using just HTML, add the code shown below:

<a href="http://<domain>/<path>/<filename>" target="_blank">Link Text</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Office Support Web Site</a>

You can also add JavaScript to control the size of the new window with a JavaScript event. The following code will open a window in front of, but not obscuring the Skillport window:

<a href="#" onClick='"","Skillsoft","height=800,width=400")'>Link Text</a></li>

Note: You cannot add content to a page by using an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Pages with Redirection

Some URLs use a redirection in the web page to send visitors to a different URL. These pages fail to launch from Skillport, and, when the user attempts to view the URL, an error message appears. To correct this problem, open the desired site in a separate browser, copy the actual URL from the address bar, and paste it as the custom link URL.

Email Links

Add code for email links as shown below:

<a href="mailto:">Skillsoft Technical Support</a>