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Web Site Colors

Use the Web Site Colors page to alter the appearance of the Skillport interface to match your organizational needs.

Note: You cannot customize the colors of the Skillport Mobile interface.

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Colors and Browsers

A browser-safe table of 252 colors is available in Skillport. These colors include 216 browser-safe color values and 36 grayscale colors common among supported browsers when running in 256-color mode.

Color Schemes

The Skillport color scheme is divided into groups based on functionality. See the images below for relative placement of the groupings and their affected areas.

Color Group

Default HEX Color

Site Elements Affected

Group 1


  • The content text
  • Inactive (not current page) header link text, including the My Profile, Log Out, Content Language, and Support links
  • Welcome text header
  • Upcoming Events text
  • Featured Topics text

Group 2


  • Top right header background color
  • Search drop-down background
  • Search button background
  • Background color of bars for sets and subsets
  • Inactive tab text
  • Bottom and right borders

Group 3


  • Main header background
  • Divider line

Group 4


  • Active (current page) tab text
  • Active (current page) header link text

Group 5


  • The body background

Group 6


  • Some page headings
  • Selected navigation elements

Group 7


  • Active page header link
  • Inactive page header hover links

Skillport color customization options

To change a color scheme

  1. Click Display > Colors on the navigation bar.
  2. (Optional) Click in the rainbow panel next to the group(s) to show the Color Pick Table from which you can easily select browser-safe colors.

    Web Site Colors page showing color pick table

  3. In the field for the group color scheme element that you want to change, specify a new color by doing one of the following:
  4. Repeat the previous step as needed to change other group color scheme elements.
  5. Click Submit.

    Note: To restore Skillport to its default color scheme, click Restore Default Colors at the bottom of the page.