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Enrollments and Waivers

Learner Enrollment

You can enroll a learner into a learning program or Skillsoft Bootcamp course in one of two ways:

  1. Enroll the learner individually.
  2. Enroll the group in which the learner is a member.

These enrollments are treated independently. If you enroll a group, and later withdraw a member of that group from the learning program or Skillsoft Bootcamp course, the rest of the group is unaffected. Also, if you enroll an individual learner, then enroll a group to which that learner is a member, the learner is not double-assigned.

Group Enrollment

Note the following:

Completion Status

Enrolling in a learning program or Skillsoft Bootcamp course is considered the first step of starting the program or course; as a result, the learning content is automatically displayed in the learner's learning transcript immediately upon enrollment. For more information about completion status, see Learning Program Completion Criteria.

Learning Programs within a KnowledgeCenter

If a learning program is used in a KnowledgeCenter roadmap, learners must be assigned and enrolled in the learning program before they can see it in the KnowledgeCenter. If they are not assigned, they will see an error message. If they are assigned but not enrolled, the learning program appears empty in the KnowledgeCenter roadmap details page.

In This Section

View Current Enrollments

Enroll Users or Groups

Approve Pending Enrollment Requests

Withdraw a User or Group

Grant Waivers to a User

Grant Waivers to Multiple Users