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Search for Assets and Folders

Some pages in Skillport include a search tool you can use to search for folders and content within the Library.

Search Controls

Because this search uses the same underlying search engine as the one used by learners, you can use it create several different kinds of search expressions. However, unlike the search tool learners use, you can use it to search for folders, but you cannot use it to perform "searches within search results."

Note: The Evaluation search function does not allow search at the folder level.

To use the search tool

  1. In Search for, enter a keyword or phrase.

    For examples of search expressions, see the Search Tips section at the end of this topic.

  2. Select a Category. You can:
  3. Select a Language. This is for the returned search results' asset language (for example, if you choose French, only assets written in French display in the search results).

    Note: You must enter your search term(s) in the language specified. This setting is disabled when you select Folders from the Category drop-down list.

  4. Click Search.

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Search Tips

Search Configuration