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ILT Event Journals

Use the Event Journals view to run journals (reports) on various ILT functions, such as enrollments, approval decisions, sessions, and courses.

Note: When an ILT Administrator changes a session schedule after the session has been set to Completed, Skillport reporting and ILT Event Journals do not reflect this change. Only the data as recorded in the database at the time the session is marked as complete is reflected; additional changes do not render.

To view and generate event journals

  1. Click Reports > ILT Event Journals.

    The ILT Event Journal page displays:

    Event Journals

  2. Select the journals you wish to view using the checkboxes available.
  3. Click Generate Journal to download the specified journals. A .zip file downloads.
  4. Extract the contents of the .zip file.
  5. Open the .csv file(s) to view the contents of each journal.

    Note: The .csv file(s) can be opened in spreadsheet programs (such as Microsoft Excel).