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Reorganize Assets

You can reorganize the assets within and between manually-created sets on your Personal Learning tab in your learning plan.

You cannot reorganize the individual assets within a set that is created when you add a series from the Library to your learning plan; however, you can reorganize the sets within the series.

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To reorganize assets

  1. Click View Learning Plan at the top of the page.

    Your learning plan displays.

  2. Click the Personal Learning tab.
  3. Navigate to the asset that you want to move.
  4. Click the More Actions link.
  5. Click Move This Item.

    The Move This Item dialog box displays.

  6. Click the title of the set where you want to move the asset.
  7. If the set is empty, click Insert Here.
  8. If the set contains assets:
    1. Click one of the existing assets.
    2. Click Above to insert the asset above the current selection.
    3. Click Below to insert the asset below the current selection.
    4. Continue to click the Above and Below options until you reach the desired asset location.
  9. Click Done. The asset is now available in the location specified.