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Request a Waiver for an Asset

If enabled on your site, you can request to waive a content item from your assigned learning.

To be exempt from completing a content item that has been added to your learning plan by an administrator, you can request a waiver for the item. You can do this for all types of items except the following:

*Note: Although you cannot request a waiver for a Learning Program, you can request a waiver for a content item within a Learning Program, including any ILT course included in the Learning Program. For more information, see Request a Waiver for an Asset in a Learning Program.

If a waivable content item is a recurring asset, that is, you must repeat it at specified intervals, you can request a waiver each time that you must complete the item. You can do so once the open window for completing the item begins. To learn when that window begins, contact your manager.

Note: If your organization uses email notifications, you'll receive an email with your approval manager's decision. Your learner transcript and learning plan icons also reflect the decision with icons:
- Completed Completed asset icon shows the waiver was granted
- Not Started Not started icon or In Progress Started asset icon shows it was denied, and therefore must be completed.

To request a waiver for a content item

  1. Click View Learning Plan at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Assigned Learning tab.
  3. Locate the content item for which you want to request a waiver.
  4. Click More Actions below the item's title, and select Request approval for waiver from the menu.
  5. In Note, enter a note describing the reason for the waiver request.
  6. If available, and if you want to send an email notifying someone of the request, do one or both of the following:
  7. Click Send.