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View Your Credit-Based Training Progress

Use your learner transcript to view the progress you've made on credit-based training.

Note: You can only view a credit-based transcript if progress has been made on credit-based content.

To view your credit-based training progress

  1. Click Quick Links in the header.

    The Quick Links menu displays.

  2. Click Learner Transcript.

    By default, the Core Data transcript displays.

  3. Click Change in the upper-left corner.

    A list of available transcripts displays.

  4. Select the name of the credit program. You can select from all of the programs to which you are entitled.
  5. Click OK.

    All started and/or completed assets within the credit program display.

  6. Optionally, filter your transcript to display a refined list of the assets:
    1. Click Show Filters.
    2. Select a status, type, and/or date range.

      Note: When you filter by status, be aware that an expired asset is one you did not complete within one year. You do not receive credit for expired courses.

    3. Click Refine.