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What's New Page

Messages from your organization, upcoming events, featured assets and more are located on the What's New page. This content can change frequently.

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What's New page

  1. The Skillport Header: The header provides easy access to the most common areas on your site as well as Quick Links, Search, and Recently Viewed items.
  2. Profile picture: You can add or change your picture in the Personal Info section in your profile.
  3. Community Score: Based on your activity and interactions in the Community, this score increases over time (up to five blocks) and displays on your Community member profile.
  4. Upcoming Events: Highlights the next 12 months of upcoming events entitled to you, such as Instructor Led Training sessions or Live Events. You must be entitled to these events for them to display in the drop-down list.
  5. Featured Topics: Specific courses or other content your organization chooses to highlight. Click any of the selections in the drop-down list to view more details. Depending on your organization, this feature may not be available on your site.
  6. Message Area: Here you may find messages specific to your organization. This content can change often, so check back.
  7. Highlighted Learning: Your organization can highlight various courses, books and videos for you to explore. Click Details to access the content.
  8. Recommended for You Carousel: Displays personalized and popular content recommendations for you, based on your own recent content usage over the past year and popular content across your Skillport site. Recommendations based on your content usage may include, for example, the next item in a series, an item from a related series, or an item from the parent topic. You can click the left and right arrows to view additional content items.