Glossary of Terms

Approval Manager

An Approval Manager is any user that has been granted permission to approve or deny asset requests and waivers for other learners.


The term archive next to an asset title indicates the asset is dated and newer content may be available. Archived assets are not removed from the site and remain fully accessible.


An asset is a resource that is made available through a learning management system or learning portal. Examples of assets include but are not limited to courses, books, simulations, exams, and mentoring.

Assigned Learning tab

Assigned learning is any asset that a manager has assigned to a learner for completion. Assigned assets display on the Assigned Learning tab in the learning plan.


The Community is a socially interactive forum where members can recommend content, leave helpful comments, and follow other community members.

Course, Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses are learning events (sessions) scheduled for a specific time and place. ILT courses are held in either a physical location, or delivered online via web conferencing software.

Development Plan

A Development Plan contains assets selected by a learner and a manager to help the learner achieve specific career development goals.

Development Plan Set

The Development Plan set in the Assigned Learning tab of a learning plan contains assets that are collaboratively added to develop an approved, personalized career plan with your manager.


An e-Reader is a device you can use to download and view electronic book contents.

General Set

The default set of assets in the Assigned Learning and Personal Learning tabs in the learning plan. This set cannot be deleted.

Learning Asset

A learning asset is a resource that is made available through a learning management system or learning portal. Examples of assets include but are not limited to courses, books, simulations, exams, and mentoring.

Learning Event

A learning event is a reference in your learning plan to a learning activity such as a training course or seminar.

Learning Plan

The learning plan contains the list of assets that are either self-assigned or assigned by a manager to the learner.

Learning Transcripts

Learner transcripts show the history and status of all of your accessed and/or completed assets.


The Library contains all the learning assets to which you are entitled; these assets are grouped by categories that can be set by your organization.

Open Window

The Open Window is the period of time when an assigned recurring asset is available for learner completion.

Personal Learning tab

Personal learning is any assets that a learner has assigned to himself for completion. Personal assets display on the Personal Learning tab in the learning plan.

Quick Link

Quick Links provide access to a variety of features and functions within Skillport. They are available via a drop-down menu in the Skillport Header.

Recurring Asset

A recurring asset is an assigned asset that you are required to retake. For example, your organization may require you to repeat training at specified intervals (such as taking a course every year to maintain a certification).


Search contains multiple filters to help learners find assets important to their training needs.


A series contains specifically-ordered assets whose order is important for learners. A series can contain assets of different types, but it cannot contain Books and Videos. It is often used to:

A series itself cannot be completed, but the assets within the series may be completable.

Series Subsets

A series subset is a grouping of specific items within a series.

Session, Instructor Led Training

An Instructor Led Training (ILT) session is an instance of a course that has been scheduled for a specific date and time and will be held virtually, or in a facility/classroom with an instructor and students.


A set is a folder in the learning plan that contains learning assets. Although the assets within it may have a due date, the set itself does not. The General and Development plan sets can have subsets (which are more refined groupings within a set) but only one level of a subset is allowed.

Skillport Header

The Skillport Header provides easy access to the most common areas on your site, including Quick Links, Search, and recently-viewed items.

Skillsoft Bootcamp Session

Skillsoft Bootcamp Sessions are a derivative of traditional, instructor-led technical training delivered to participants with streaming audio, video presentations, and application sharing over the Internet. Lectures are also available as recordings for on-demand viewing.

To Do List

The To Do List provides an at-a-glance view of your assets that have assigned due dates including Overdue assets, and Upcoming assets due within the next 12 months.

Note: Folders with a due date assigned to them do not display in the To Do List.

Training Credits

Training credits are associated with assets that must be completed for continuing education. Typically, these credits are associated with your organization's formal credit-based program or other recognized programs (such as NASBA or PMI programs).