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Library Browse Results Page

Once you select a category from the Browse The Library link in the header, a Library Browse Results page displays.

Library Browse Results page

  1. The Skillport Header: The header provides easy access to the most common areas on your site as well as Quick Links, Search, and Recently Viewed items.
  2. Category: The section of the Library in which the contents you are viewing are located.
  3. Bookmark icon: Use bookmarks to mark the Library location in the Personal tab of your learning plan.
  4. Share icon: Use the Share feature to share a direct link to the asset via email, instant message, within a document, or on a web page.
  5. Search from this Point: Use keywords to search within the selected category (opens a search results page).
  6. Additional Browse Options: Use these options to browse deeper into a category.
  7. Results List: The listing of assets within a selected category.
  8. Featured Content: If enabled, highlighted content displays in a carousel at the top of the page for the selected category. (Not shown in image.)

Note: To change the default language of the content displayed in your Library, see Change Your Default Library Content Language.