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Edit Email Setup Options

To edit email setup options

  1. On the main Email Configurations page, click Setup on the left-hand menu.
  2. In Number of Retry Attempts, enter the number of retry attempts for any message the system deemed undeliverable. By default, the system will try to resend any email for seven days. Emails are flagged for resend if the system cannot create or send the message or if the nightly system fails at any point during processing.
  3. In Default Access URL, specify the default URL you want included in emails. This is the URL to which the user is directed to log in.

    Note: If the default URL is changed, the URL in existing email configurations is not modified.

  4. To have users receive emails in HMTL format, select the Use HTML check box.
  5. To use the international date format in the emails, select the Use International Date check box.
  6. Click Submit.