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Learner Tutorials for Skillport 8i

Explore the following Skillport Learner tutorials to learn about key features and functionality in Skillport 8i.

Getting Acquainted with Skillport 8i

SP8i Overview Tutorial

SP 8i Overview (4:20)

Browse and Search the Library Tutorial

Browse and Search the Library (4:35)

Quick Links in Skillport 8i

Quick Links Overview (2:28)

View Your Learner Transcript

View Your Learner Transcript (5:41)

Working with the Learning Plan

Adding Content

Adding Content (1:40)

Remove Assets

Remove Assets (1:02)

Learning Plan Sets

Learning Plan Sets (2:32)


Books Limited View for SP8i

SP 8i Books Limited Overview tutorial

SP8i Books Limited View Overview (5:19)




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