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Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses are scheduled learning events which you attend at a specific time and place. You can select an ILT course from Upcoming Events and the Library, or you can have them assigned to you by your training administrator. You can also find ILT courses using search and add them to your learning plan.

Note: Adding an ILT course to your learning plan does not enroll you; you must select a session for the course and enroll in it directly. See Enrolling in ILT Sessions for more information.

In most cases, an ILT course has one or more sessions so that you can select a time and place to take the course which best meets your training requirements and schedule. A session may be held at a physical location (such as a facility or classroom), or it can be a virtual session delivered using Skillsoft Dialogue Live (or another virtual classroom technology).

The Instructor Led Training Sessions shortcut on the left side of the main page launches the Instructor Led Training Sessions page, which displays information about available ILT sessions and allows you to view session details or enroll in, withdraw from, or waitlist specific/desired sessions.

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