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Request Approval of a Development Plan

If your site is configured to utilize collaborative development plans, and if you have made a change to your development plan, you must request your Approval Manager's approval of the change.

Note: Your Approval Manager is assigned to you by your training administrator. For more information about sets, see Sets and Series.

If your Approval Manager accepts the change, the status of the development plan changes to Approved. If your Approval Manager rejects the change, the status changes to Submit for Approval, and you must revert your changes and request approval of the plan again.

To request approval of your development plan

  1. Click View Learning Plan at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Assigned Learning tab.
  3. In the Development Plan set, click Submit for Approval.

    The Development Plan Approval Request dialog box displays.

  4. In Note for Approval Manager, enter a comment about the changes that you made to your development plan.

    Your Approval Manager sees this note when he takes action on your request.

  5. If available on your site, you can send an email notification of the request to the Approval Manager or to another individual:
    • In Send Email to Another Email Address, enter an email address, then re-enter the email address to verify.
  6. Click Send.

    The status of your development plan changes to Pending Approval until your Approval Manager approves or denies the changes. While your development plan is in this state, you cannot make changes to it.