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Bookmark a Location in the Library

Use bookmarks to save category locations within the Library. When you create a bookmark, it is added to the Personal Learning tab of your learning plan, where you can add a due date, notes and reminders about it.

For existing bookmarks, see View Your Bookmarks.

Note: The assets within a bookmark do not inherit the due date, notes or reminders associated with the bookmark. Bookmarks are denoted by the Bookmark saved in a learning plan icon icon in the Personal Learning tab.

To bookmark a location in the Library

  1. Browse the Library for the category you wish to bookmark.
  2. On the results page, click Bookmark icon.

    The Save to My Learning Plan dialog box opens.

  3. Optionally, enter a Title and Notes.
  4. Select a Due On date.
  5. Optionally, set up a reminder email using the Remind me options.
  6. Select one of the following:
    • General Set: Saves the asset to the General set in your learning plan.
    • Development Plan Set: Saves the asset to your Development Plan (if applicable to your site).
    • Existing Set or New Set: Saves the asset to a different set within your learning plan.
  7. If you selected Existing Set or New Set:
    1. Click Select. A list of existing sets displays.
    2. If the set already exists, click the name of the set to which you want to add the asset.
    3. If you want to create a new set for the asset, enter the New Set name, click Add Set, then click the newly-created set to highlight it.
  8. Click Select.

    The Save to My Learning Plan dialog box displays again.

  9. Click Save. The Save to My Learning Plan dialog box closes and a confirmation message displays.
  10. Click OK to close the message.

    The location is bookmarked and added to the specified set in the Personal Learning tab in your learning plan.