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Rate a Comment

Let other community members know that you found a particular comment helpful by rating it. You can see if other community members have rated a comment by the number that displays next to a comment. Rating comments helps boost your community score, which shows other members that you're an active and meaningful participant in the community.

Note: If a member who has marked a comment as helpful is no longer a member of the community, their rating will no longer be included in the final ratings count, nor will the user's name display in the list of members who have marked the comment as helpful.

To rate a comment as helpful

  1. Locate content of interest to you.
  2. Click Community Comments on the right side of the page.
  3. Navigate to a comment.
  4. Click Helpful? The number to the right of the link denotes how many members have found this content helpful. Marking a comment as helpful is an activity that is included in the community stream, and will be visible to other community members.