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Enable Web Accessibility

If you use an assistive technology or are a keyboard user, you should enable Web Accessibility. Skillport accessibility has been tested with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser, and users may use IE for as long as it is available to them. The preferred screen reader to use with Skillport is JAWS.

As Internet Explorer is retired, users may choose to use Google’s Chrome browser for their Skillport experience. Skillsoft believes users will have a good accessibility experience using Chrome, although we make no accessibility claims regarding Skillport accessibility in Chrome

To enable Web Accessibility:

  1. Ensure your browser is Internet Explorer (if available), or alternatively Chrome
  2. On the Skillport sign in page, select the Enable Web Accessibility check box prior to signing into Skillport.
  3. If you are already logged in, you can Enable Web Accessibility by checking the box in the top right of the Skillport Header.
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