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Warning Messages

To protect our publishers' copyrights, Skillsoft has implemented a warning system that advises you when your activity on the site could be in violation of certain terms in our Membership Agreement that pertain to downloading or storing pages for offline use.

The content on the site is licensed to Skillsoft with the understanding that all reasonable measures will be taken to prevent saving it offline unless expressly permitted.

The criteria for these warnings have been determined after careful review of usage patterns that have been associated with content downloading and offlining over the years. Some behaviors that seem legitimate to a subscriber may appear consistent with these patterns, and will trigger warnings.

This page is intended to clarify the usage patterns that trigger these warning messages.


You will be given two warnings about problematic behavior and will be asked to acknowledge receipt of these before being able to access content again. If the problematic behavior continues, a third notice will alert you that the account has been disabled and you will not be able to access book content.

Examples of Problematic Behavior

  • Access of majority of pages in a book within a given time period.
  • Unattended retrieval of content.
  • Deliberately loading up a browser cache for offline use.


  1. How can I skim through a title without triggering a warning?
  2. Will I trigger warnings if I access too much of a title?
  3. I just logged in and started to read when a warning came up! What does this mean?