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Report Abuse

As a member of the community, you have the ability to identify and flag a comment from another member as potentially inappropriate. When you report abuse, the system automatically replaces the comment with the message "Content reported to be inappropriate." and notifies your community moderator to review the comment. All child comments, or comments on this comment, will remain visible. You cannot delete, edit, or comment on comments that have been flagged as abusive.

If the moderator rejects the report abuse request, the comment is restored and visible again. If the moderator agrees with the reported abuse, the comment is removed and replaced with the message "Comment has been removed."

To report a potentially abusive comment

  1. Click the Report Abuse link next to the comment you want to flag as potentially inappropriate.

    A message displays asking you to confirm this action. Note that if you report a comment in error, you cannot undo the action. The comment will remain flagged as inappropriate until the community moderator removes the reported abuse and restores the comment.

  2. Click Yes.

    The comment is replaced with a message confirming that the abuse report has been made.

    Note: You cannot report abuse on your own comments, nor can you edit or delete one of your comments that has been flagged.

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