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Book Viewer Icons

The following table describes the icons that you see in the Book Viewer. To learn more about viewing books, refer to Book Viewer.



Table of Contents icon

Table of Contents: Displays when you first launch the book from Skillport. You can navigate back to the Table of Contents from within any page of the book.

information icon

Information: Displays additional information about the book, including back cover copy, About the Author copy, and additional titles by the author.

Add a note

My Notes: Create notes about this specific event. These notes are private and only visible to you.

Note with content

My Notes: View notes that you created about this specific item. These notes are only visible to you.

comment icon without a comment

Community Comments: This item has no comments. Click to add a comment on this content.

icon for community comments with a comment

Community Comments: This item contains comments. Click to view comments, add comments to existing comments, and mark comments as helpful.

bookmark icon

My Bookmarks: View all of your bookmarks (if any) from the Table of Contents page.

Books Viewer - Add Bookmark icon

Add Bookmark: Adds a bookmark from any content page.

search icon

Search: Searches within a specific item.

download icon

Download: Downloads the book chapter/section in the selected file type(s).

Save icon

Save: Saves to the chosen set in your learning plan.

change the font size icon

Change Text Size: Changes the font size of the text.

Purchase icon

Purchase: If available for purchase, launches a third-party reseller where you can purchase the title.

Show more options icon

More Options: Expands to show additional book viewer options.

show fewer options icon

Fewer Options: Hides additional book viewer options.

enlarge view icon

Expand view: Expands the book viewing window.

shrink view icon

Shrink view: Shrinks the book viewing window.

Exit the viewer icon

Exit: Closes dialog windows and exits the viewer.

Recommend an asset

Recommend this title: Recommend this title to community members.

Recommended asset

Recommended this title: Denotes that you have recommended this title.

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