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Import an Equation Using LiveEquations

For Internet Explorer users with the MathPlayer plug-in, the MathML is rendered directly, offering a marked improvement over the image. Internet Explorer displays the equations inline within a yellow box after clicking on the equation. To transfer an equation, right-click on the equation, select Copy MathML, and then paste it into a MathML-compliant package.

Note: LiveEquations is limited to Internet Explorer version 8 and below. Firefox users must upgrade to version 1.5 or later.

To import an equation via Firefox

  1. Click on the blue arrow to view the equation in a browser.
  2. Select Firefox.exe to open the file in a browser.
  3. Copy the equation then paste it into your MathML-compliant program.

    For more information on MathML, view the MathML section of The MathML Handbook.

For related information, see LiveTables.™

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