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Save an Asset to your Learning Plan

You can save assets to your learning plan to view them later, or save assets you intend to relaunch regularly to better manage accessing them.

To save an asset to your learning plan through the viewer

  1. Launch a book, video, or Live Event. The asset displays in the appropriate viewer.
  2. Click Save icon.

    The Save to My Learning Plan dialog box displays.

  3. Fill in the desired fields:
    • Notes: Make notes on this asset. Notes are private and only visible to you.
    • Due on: Click the calendar to select a due date for completing this asset.
    • Remind me: Set a reminder to be alerted as the asset's due date approaches.
    • Required: Click the I am required to take this check box if you are required to complete this asset.
    • Save to: Select which set to save this asset to. Options are the General Set, Development Plan, or Existing or New Plan.
  4. Click Save.

    The asset saves to your learning plan in the set you selected.

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