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Web Accessibility

Skillsoft supports the Java Accessibility Bridge to ensure that its courseware can be used by individuals who utilize Assistive Technologies. Although there are many Assistive Technologies that support the Accessibility Bridge, Skillsoft tests its courseware and player with the following versions of JAWS on Microsoft Internet Explorer only:

  • JAWS® 15 and later
    • NOTE: Some learners may experience issues with the course player and JAWS 15 or 16 that prevent verbalization of alt text and controls.
    • WORKAROUND: If you experience issues, revert back to JAWS 13 or 14.

Note: Web Accessibility is not supported for SARM, Live Learning, ILT, or the Skillsoft Mobile Player on smartphones.

Skillport 8i does not support Web Accessibility or the Advanced Compliance Module.

For technical support, email or call our designated accessibility help line at 1-844-462-1278.

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JAWS on Windows Test Matrix

Section 508 VPAT

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