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About Settings

You can use the settings in the Learning App to customize and configure your learning experience in a number of ways.

To view settings, tap Settings icon on the Home screen.


  • Username: This field contains your Skillport site user name.
  • URL: This field contains your Skillport site URL.

    Note: In Single Sign On (SSO) implementations, your user name does not display in the username field.

  • Manage Interests: Tap here to open the Manage Interests page. For information about managing your interests, see Accessing Content.
  • Arrange Sets: Allows you to rearrange the order of Sets in My Favorites.
  • Content Language:Tap here to add or remove languages that you want to display content in.

    Note: The learning app can also display the app user interface in German, French and Spanish. To configure this, set the default language in your iOS settings to one of the supported languages. The learning app will automatically update the UI based on your selected language.

  • Notifications: Set alerts on your phone to be notified of the following conditions:
    • New Interests Available: The learning app will send you a notification when new Interests that you are entitled to are available.
    • New Content Available: The learning app will send you notifications when new Content that is app-accessible, but not associated with any specific interests, is available.
  • Save for Offline in My Favorites: For audio, video, and book content, if a download of the file is available, then the content will automatically download. Note that short-form videos of 15 minutes in length or shorter can be downloaded. For long-form videos of 90 minutes or longer, you can download an audio file of the video's content.
  • Show Only Content I Can Access on this Device: Swipe on to see only content that is compatible with your device (smartphone or tablet) when using the app.
  • Stream and Download over Cellular: Turn this setting on to stream and download content using cellular data. Otherwise, content will only stream and download when you are connected to wifi.
  • Privacy Policy: Tap here to view the Skillsoft Learning App Privacy Policy.
  • App Version x.x.xx/Support: If you are having problems with the app, tap here to launch an email window to contact Support directly. The email will be prepopulated with the app version and your device information, to assist Support in resolving your issue quickly.
  • Log Out: Tap here to log out of the app.

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