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Using JAWS with the Skillsoft Course Player

Once configured, you can use JAWS screen reader software to work with the Skillsoft Course Player.

Using Java Accessibility Bridge requires no configuration on your part. You must install the Java Accessibility Bridge and have the supported JAWS version, browser, and JRE specified.

Java Accessibility Bridge

In order to use JAWS without configuring the Skillsoft configuration files, you must install the Java Accessibility Bridge 1.2 (available at You must also use the following with the Skillsoft Course Player:

If you fulfill all of these requirements, once you install the Java Accessibility Bridge, JAWS will work properly with the Skillsoft Course Player. No further action is required.

Jaws 7.1 Configuration

To enable JAWS 7.1 to activate buttons with Enter or Space:

  1. Install JAWS 7.1.
  2. Go to Utilities->Configuration Manager ->set options ->HTML options and select the MISC tab.
  3. Check the box for Use legacy Internet Explorer Support.
  4. Click OK then save and close the configuration manager.
  5. Now when launching any content, the Space or Enter key will activate buttons in focus the same as JAWS7 and JAWS8.

Note: This means that a standard install of JAWS 7.1 will not activate keys in focus with a Space or Enter keystroke however there are other keystrokes that will replicate a selection such as CTRL+ENTER which will activate the buttons but this does not always result in pages being read etc.