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CCA Scoring and Completion


CCA courses are divided into lessons. Each lesson contains one or more topics, and each topic contains one or more objectives. The Course Menu for a CCA course shows lessons and topics, but not objectives (you can review course objectives by selecting Resources > More Resources).

Scoring Logic

The Skillsoft Course Player (SCP) calculates scores for individual objectives, topics, lessons, and the overall course. However, the SCP Progress & Tests tab only displays scores at the topic, lesson, and course level. You cannot tell how many objectives are in each topic, but you can see the user’s score for each topic, lesson, and for the entire course.

Note: Partial credit is always enabled for CCA content.

Calculating the Course Score

The SCP calculates the course score for CCA content by averaging all lesson scores (unattempted lessons are scored as 0%). The formula used to calculate the course score in this scenario is:

(L1 score + L2 score + L3 score) / # lessons = course score

For example, if a learner scored the following lesson scores in a course:

100%, 90%, 75%,

The course score is calculated using this formula:

(100 + 90 + 75)/3 = 88%

Calculating Lesson and Topic Scores

Topic and lesson scores are calculated by averaging all the objective scores within a particular topic or lesson using the following formula.

([T1 score * # of objectives] + [T2 score * # of objectives] + [T3 score * # of objectives] + [T4 score * # of objectives])/ total # of objectives in the lesson = lesson score

Example: A lesson has five topics, and each topic contains a single objective. The user scores 75, 80, 25, 90, and 100. The lesson score is:

(75 * 1)+(80 * 1)+ (25 * 1)+ (90 * 1)+ (100* 1) /5  = 74%

CCA Completion Logic

The SCP support several methods for determining CCA course completion. By default, the course is marked as complete when all of the content has been “viewed” or “mastered” (excluding the Course Overview, which is not required). A topic is considered viewed when the status column in the Progress & Tests tab has a full circle for that topic. A topic is considered mastered if the topic score meets or exceeds the value set for CCA_COMPLETION_THRESHOLD parameter (the default threshold is 0).

The SCP does accept a mastery_score value passed from the LMS. If the LMS is capable of sending a mastery_score to the Player at launch time, this threshold is used instead of the CCA_COMPLETION_THRESHOLD when determining if the user has achieved mastery.

Note: When calculating Mastery, by default, the SCP always uses the CURRENT score. If USER_COMPLETION_NOTIFICATION=true, then the SCP will use the HIGH score, in order to prevent marking a course as incomplete once it has been completed.

CCA Completion Properties

CCA completion criteria is controlled by a set of parameters in the file.





No forward navigation of a page is allowed until all audio is completed for that page.


Applicable values: integer between 0 and 100

Specifies the minimum score which must be attained in order to mark the course as complete.


Applicable values: NO, AND, OR, ONLY

NO: Content visitation does not count towards course completion.

AND: The user must page through all content AND the specified threshold (min. score) must be met.

OR: The user must page through all content OR achieve the specified threshold (min. score).

ONLY: The user must page through all content in order to get credit for completion. The users course score is not taken into consideration regarding course completion.


Displays the course score in the Progress & Tests tab.


Specifies a maximum number of test attempts allowed in order to complete the course.


Requires a minimum duration be spent in the course.


Applicable values: true, false

true: This requires all assessments to be completed in order to attain a Completed status.

false: This allows a user to get a Completed status without answering all the questions as long as the minimum score was attained.


Applicable values: OVERALL or LESSON

OVERALL: This applies the CCA_COMPLETION_THRESHOLD value to the overall (Course Level) score.

LESSON: This applies the CCA_COMPLETION_THRESHOLD value to the lesson scores.

Note: This also applies to topic scores if CCA criteria are used for E3 content.

Exiting a Test Early

During a CCA test, the user may decide to exit before answering all the questions. Scoring within a CCA course is as follows:

 SCORM RTE Content

Although the majority of EK Gap content is completable in the same manner as CCA content, there are two scenarios where a course will not be completable:

  1. There is no assessment (with certain completion settings): EK Gap courses that do not contain assessments cannot be completed if ‘Scoring’ or ‘Scoring and Visitation’ completion settings are required.
  2. The Assessment score achieved is below 80%: In order to achieve completion, the minimum score on an assessment must be 80% or greater.

    Note: The value of 80% cannot be overridden.

The following table provides details on the scenarios where completion cannot be achieved for EK Gap content:

Visitation Setting

Mastery score setting (min 80%)

Assessment in course?

Course completed?


Not required

Can obtain less than the minimum mastery score.



Without an assessment, a learner cannot obtain a mastery score and satisfy the scoring completion criteria, thus the course cannot be successfully completed. It will always report back a status of ‘In progress’.

Not required

Must obtain greater than the minimum mastery score.

" "

" "

" "


Can obtain less than the minimum mastery score.

" "

" "

" "


Must obtain greater than the minimum mastery score.

" "

" "

" "


Must obtain greater than the minimum mastery score.



If the learner receives a score of less than 80% on an assessment, the scoring completion criteria will not be met and the course will not be successfully completed. It will always report back a status of 'In progress'.