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SCM Download Specifications

This section details the system requirements and specifications for installing the SCM via download from SkillPort or CD-ROM.

Download and Installation Files


Server Download

The SCM is installed directly from compressed files located on the web server. Optionally, you can create an executable to distribute and run directly on the client workstation. See the Content Installer readme for more information about a Remote SCM Install.

The SCM is approximately 20 megabytes in size not including the content players. You must download the applicable player in order to download and play a course in the SkillSoft Course Player, e3 Player, Classic Player, or SkillSoft Simulation Player via the SCM. If you do not choose to install the players when you download the SCM, the SCM prompts you to download the appropriate player when you attempt to download a course for the first time.

The table below shows the size of each player, SCM, and other download components.




20 MB

SkillSoft Course Player

9.3 MB

Localization library for the JRE (required for some courses)

3.5 MB

e3 Player

7.2 MB

Classic Player

9.3 MB

Classic Player Language

638 kb each (approximately)

SkillSoft Simulation Player

2.6 MB

Estimated Download Times
The table below shows the estimated time required to download a new installation of SCM from the web server:

Connection Speed (Kbps)

Approximate Download Time (minutes)