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Partial Credit Assessments


The Partial Credit Assessments feature allows for partial scoring of an assessment when there are multiple correct answers. This functionality changes the 0 or 100 scoring method used in the standard SkillSoft Course Player configuration. Partial credit grading is used for an assessment if the PARTIAL_CREDIT property is enabled and the assessment has more than one correct answer.

Each choice on a page is queried for correctness. If partial credit applies, the score is calculated by the number of correct answers divided by the total number of choices. If the score is less than 100 but greater than 0, partial credit feedback is displayed.

The partial credit feedback appears after the [Done]/[Evaluate] button is selected and when the calculated score is greater than 0 and less than 100. Incorrect and Correct feedback remain the same and are displayed for scores of 0 and 100 respectively.

Note: An objective is still only considered mastered when its score is 100%. Any value less than 100% is still considered unmastered.


The PARTIAL_CREDIT property value is set to false by default. Partial credit is turned off and the player uses standard scoring (score values of 0 or 100).

Content-Only Web Servers

Partial Credit is implemented by overriding properties in the file. To enable Partial Credit for a content only web server, edit all the files on the server (for Player Applet and Player Application, in all languages). Use the Properties Tool or a text editor to open the files and set this property:


Partial credit is enabled for all courses and all users.


Partial Credit is supported with SkillPort 2.5 and greater. You enable Partial Credit on the SkillPort server using the same procedure as you would use on a content-only web server. However, there are some limitations:

Enabling Partial Credit for Multiple SkillPort Installations

If you want to enable partial credit on specific SkillPort installations that share content with other installations, you can enable it using the property customization system. You create a file and/or <courseid>.Properties file containing the customized property. These course information files are kept in the default CourseInfo directory (web/content/CourseInfo), or they can be kept in a different directory if you are using a COURSEINFO parameter in the server.ini file.

Partial Credit is set at the course level by setting the PARTIAL_CREDIT property to true for a course (<courseid>.Properties file), or it can be set at the site level by editing the property for the Player Applet and/or Application ( file). Properties set at the course level override properties at the site level.


Reporting Scores to SkillPort

Objective scores calculated with partial credit are sent to SkillPort normally, but the values can be different.