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Configure the SkillSoft LMS

For SkillPort v5.0 and greater:

  1. Log on to SkillPort as the Master Administrator.
  2. Click the List link.
  3. For each company in your SkillPort Instance, click the applicable Edit Company icon in the Controls field.
  4. In the CGI Program/ISAPI ext/Servlet for Player Requests field, select lmsRelayer from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click the Submit button to apply this change.
  6. On the SkillPort Master Administrator page, click the checkbox beside the company you just configured to make it Active.
  7. Repeat Steps 3-6 for all companies in your SkillPort Instance.

For SkillPort v3.3 or lower:

  1. On the LMS machine, open the 'serverini.dat' file. This is typically found in the system directory i.e. C:\WINNT\system32 on Windows 2000. This file contains startup data for each LMS installed on the machine.
  2. Change the -resultscript property from its current value of 'aiccisapi.dll' to 'lmsRelayer' (no quotes & case sensitive).
  3. Restart the LMS service to apply this change.

The lmsRelayer installation is now complete.