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Log Files

The lmsRelayer stores all of its activity in a total of 8 log files. The Relayer log files are stored in c:\winnt\system32. The log files are named the following:

LmsRelayer_<CompanyName>.log (Current log - After this file reaches its maximum size, it gets it gets renamed by appending " .1" as the file extension, and a new current log is started.)

LmsRelayer_<CompanyName>.log.1 (When the current log reaches its maximum size, this log gets renamed to .2 and all the subsequent logs below, if they exist yet, get increased by one.)






LmsRelayer_<CompanyName>.log.7 (This is the oldest log. It gets emptied when the other logs fill up.)

The first file is the current log file. When it reaches the user-defined maximum size, it is renamed to lmsRelayer.log.1, the contents of lmsRelayer.log.7 are deleted (if applicable), lmsRelayer.log.7 is renamed to lmsRelayer.log, and all the backup logs are incremented by 1.

The default maximum size for the Relayer log and all backup logs combined is 50MB. So, each log file will have approximately 6.25MB of space (50MB divided by 8 files).

To customize the size of the log files, follow the procedure below:

  1. Open the web.xml file found in the <Tomcat Directory>/webapps/_<CompanyName>_od_cgi/WEB-INF/web.xml with Wordpad.
  2. Find the following section in this file:





  3. Change the value of 50 to the maximum size that you want for the log files (in megabytes). A value of 0 or text in this parameter sets the parameter to its default of 50MB.
  4. Save this file and restart Tomcat.
  5. Verify that the Relayer is now using the customized file size. Open a browser and enter the following URL:


  6. Scroll to the bottom of the log. The new total log file space should be displayed. For example, if you changed the log file space to 100MB, you would see:

    INFO [Thread-8]: Total space allocated for log files : 100 MB.

This property must be re-customized after reinstalling or upgrading the Relayer. A reinstall or upgrade sets this property back to the default value of 50MB.

Known issue:

Saving a copy of a relayer log file in the same directory can interfere with the backup logging mechanism (for example, c:\winnt\system32\Copy of LmsRelayer_SkillSoft.log.1) .


If you make a copy of a relayer log file, save it in a different directory than the current default log file.