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Customizing the Arrangement of Skillsoft Content

To customize Skillsoft Content

  1. Copy the Skillsoft CD-ROM_Player directory to your desktop.

    You may have received the CD-ROM_Player directory on an actual CD-ROM or through a FTP download. Contact your Skillsoft representative for assistance.

  2. Prepare the content for the CD-ROM.

Note: If you are creating CD-ROMs for courses in multiple languages, you must create an individual CD-ROM for each language. For example, if you have five Italian courses and five English courses you must create one CD-ROM containing the Italian courses and the Italian version of the SCM, and one containing the English Courses and the English SCM. You only need to install one version of the SCM, however the correct SCM locale must be present on the CD-ROM to allow the player to install the course locale.

Courses must be extracted to the correct location based on the type of course. For more information about identifying the type from the course code, see Identify Skillsoft Course type based on Course Code.

How to:

Identify Skillsoft Course type based on Course Code