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Common Course Architecture (CCA) ID Format

Each course ID has five elements. All course IDs identify a Curriculum, Learning Path, Course, Content Type, and Language, in that order. All letters are lower case. These elements are visible to a customer in the course catalog. Lesson, Topic, Page, and Custom identifiers are not visible to a customer.

ID Format: curriculum_learning path_course_content type_language


Curriculum codes are not system generated, but are created by Skillsoft Content Development and Product Marketing. For example:

Learning Path

Learning Path codes are not system generated, but are created with each new Learning Path. For example (curriculum code + learning path code):


Course Identifiers are system generated. A Course Identifier is three characters long, beginning with a letter and followed by a two-digit number. For example (curriculum code + learning path code + course):

Content Type

Content Type identifiers are system generated. A Content Type is a two-digit code. In the case of custom content, a “c” is inserted after the Content Type. As additional content types are introduced by Skillsoft, new identifiers will be created and added to the list. For example (curriculum + learning path + course + content type):


Language Code identifiers are system generated. These are the two and four digit codes that are the same as the existing codes used in Skillport. Although not entirely consistent in their application, they do provide a language code that conforms to ISO standards where possible.

Note: Due to the requirement to use ONLY lower case letters, some language identifiers have been modified.

Examples of full course IDs: