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IBM Lotus LMS v1.05

Non-default player properties for Skillsoft AICC content

LMS-specific notes for Skillsoft AICC content

AICC Content Importation:

LMS Status:

Error: “Unable to execute the CBT command line. web_launch”

By default, after installation, Skillsoft SkillSims and Business Skills courses have a "web_launch"

value for the “Command_Line” parameter in each course .AU file.

If AICC files are imported into the IBM Lotus LMS with this value, the content will not launch and will return the following error:

IBM Lotus LMS error message


For each SkillSim and Business Skills course .AU file, the web_launch value needs to be replaced by a null value prior to importing the content. For example:

Problems with launching content via the ‘B’ page:

“Page Not Found” error on course launch: