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SumTotal LMS v8.2

Non-default player properties for Skillsoft AICC content

Skillsoft Course Player:

Configure as follows.

SkillSim Player:

Configure as follows.

LMS-specific notes for Skillsoft AICC content

AICC Content Importation:

Bulk Upload

• The SumTotal Training Migration Tool can be used to perform a ‘bulk upload’ function

through the direct manipulation of the back-end database.

LMS Status

LMS Launch Methods:

When importing Skillsoft AICC content into SumTotal, Launch Methods: ‘AICC HACP’ or ‘Skillsoft

Course Player’ can be chosen.

With ‘AICC HACP’, when taking a course test, the course is moved to the Transcript immediately

upon achieving a mastery score and the score cannot be improved or worsened thereafter.

• Launch Method: AICC HACP – Transcript displays the first mastery score and grade


With ‘Skillsoft Course Player’, when taking a course test, the course is moved to the Transcript upon

achieving mastery. However if within the same session the user re-attempts the course test and

gets a better (or worse) score and grade, this is what is displayed in the SumTotal Transcript.

• Launch Method: Skillsoft Course Player - Transcript displays the final score and grade

achieved (once achieved within the same session as the first mastery score is achieved)

Player loses progress and scores for CCA & BS Content:

• For CCA & BS content, after taking a test and then exiting the course, when the course is

re-launched, all previous progress and scores are lost, as if the course is being launched

for the first time.

Javalog Extract:

problem:java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "11,100,0"


Player cannot parse the score number string returned by the LMS which is in AICC 3.5 format.


Set the following value in the


SumTotal v8.2 does not report elapsed time as expected for AICC content:

• For all content types, on closing a course, the player posts the time spent playing the

course during the session as per AICC v3.5 guidelines.

SumTotal 8.2 overwrites the Time Elapsed value with the last time value posted by the player

each time, instead of accumulating the session times posted by the player, as per AICC v3.5


Therefore the Time Elapsed value reported in SumTotal is generally much lower than the actual

time spent in the course by the user.

Error: Cannot launch KNet AICC content on SumTotal v8.2

• KNet AICC content fails to launch on SumTotal LMS v8.2 (Launches OK on SumTotal v7.6)

TPLMS SumTotal image in IKB

The launch stalls when the player calls a Getparam function and receives a response from the


The player seems to be hanging on receiving the score data from the LMS and at the time of

writing it looks like the issue is related to the player not being able to handle the score data in

AICC v3.5 format.

The issue reported to Skillsoft Engineering as CR-72583