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Basic Troubleshooting

Does your browser meet the minimum requirements?

The Skillsoft players are supported in a wide range of browsers but do require that a supported Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed.

An online check of your browser is available at

Access the Skillsoft technical requirements for further information.

Have you configured the Web Server correctly?

Skillsoft content uses several file extensions and MIME types that Windows 2003 servers block by default. Ensure that you have followed the instructions in the Skillsoft AICC Installation guide to configure the MIME type settings on your web server.

To test this manually you can open the URL to the Skillsoft Course Player (SCP) properties file. The default IIS configuration may prevent this file from opening.

Create the URL below, replacing yourservername with your own web server name, and open it in your browser:

If the server is correctly configured you will be prompted to "download" the file.

Have you configured the Skillsoft Players correctly?

The Skillsoft Players are designed to be flexible and can be used, depending on the configuration settings, with Skillsoft's Skillport LMS, an AICC compliant LMS, a SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS or SCORM 2004 LMS.

Check that the players are correctly configured for AICC use, by referring to the Skillsoft AICC installation guide.

Did you enable the signed applet, during installation?

If your content and LMS are on different domain names, then the Skillsoft Player applet will not be able to communicate with the LMS. This is a security limitation imposed on unsigned Java Applets.

Skillsoft supports "cross domain" communications by using a signed Java applet that can be granted the necessary privilege to communicate to another domain.

Is your LMS using HTTPS?

If your LMS is using HTTPS, is it using a "self-signed" SSL certificate?

By default, the ORACLE JRE does not trust "self-signed" SSL certificates, therefore the Skillsoft Player applet will be prevented from communicating with the LMS.

You will either need to ensure your users manually "Trust" your unsigned certificate or switch to a commercial SSL certificate. Other options include installing your "self-signed" certificate into the JRE certificate store on all machines or switching to HTTP for the aicc_url parameter.

Can you launch the course outside of the LMS, or do you receive a 404 error on launch?

If installed as per the AICC installation guide, Skillsoft courses can be launched outside of the LMS for diagnostic purposes.

  1. Open the folder where you have the AICC metadata for a course you have installed and open the *.AU file. An example is below:



  2. From the file, copy the "File_Name" value and open the course in your web browser.

    If the course does not launch, ensure your browser meets the minimum requirements, and that you have configured the web server correctly.

    Also check that the value of the "File_Name" parameter is correct for your server. If the URL is incorrect, you may have incorrectly entered it during installation. Re-run the Content Installation process ensuring you correctly enter the URL for your server.