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Overview of the Skillsoft Electronic Delivery System

Skillsoft has created the Electronic Delivery System (eDelivery, or EDS) to support the delivery of its courseware via FTP. Rather than use the traditional CD distribution method to obtain course updates, you can use eDelivery at any time to search and download any Skillsoft courses to which you are entitled.

eDelivery provides you with a simple user interface in which to manage the course update and transfer process. You can access the secure server at any time and specify search criteria in which to identify available courses for download.

After logging on to the secure server, you can search for content, as well as select additional search options to further filter the search results. Courses are dynamically selected to match your search. You then select or deselect specific courses you want to download. Upon selection, the courses are added to the FTP client site.

After adding selected courses to the FTP client site, you add these courses to your Content Installer kit and run the Content Installer to make the courses available to students.