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Book Viewer

The Book Viewer is a special application that allows you to view Skillsoft Books24x7 titles directly from your Skillport site.


Navigating Content



Table of contents button

Table of Contents: Access a structured view of all the content within the title.

Previous buttonNext button

Previous and Next buttons: Use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to move to the previous or next chapter.

Go button

Search this Book: Enter text you want to search for within the title and click the GO button.

Book Viewer Controls



Edit profile

Edit Profile: Takes you to the My Profile page of your Skillsoft Books24x7 site. You will only see this button if you a member of the inGenius community.

Go to books24x7

Go to Books24x7: Opens a new window and brings you to the same page of the title on the main Skillsoft Books24x7 site.


Help: This button brings your to the Book Viewer Help Central page. You can access the Skillsoft Books24x7 Knowledge Base, access FAQs, or contact Technical Support.

Close bookviewer

Close Book Viewer: Exits the Book Viewer.




Add to MyPlan

Add to My Plan/My Favorites: Adds the title to your 'My Plan' folder in Skillport.

Remove from MyPlan

Remove from My Plan/My Favorites: Removes the title from your 'My Plan' folder in Skillport.

Create a note

Create a Note: Add an observation, opinion, or other remark to information presented in a specific title. You can create a note at the page level and make it private or public.

Purchase a book

Purchase Book: Connects to an external e-commerce site where you may purchase a printed copy of the title you are currently viewing. The choice of the specific vendor may be determined by the availability of the title, or your specific corporate subscription settings.

Download chapter PDF

Download Chapter PDF: Indicates the availability of chapter-level, PDF, or other file format downloads, including optional premium Chapters to Go downloads. Click to navigate to the Download Center.

Download audio

Download Audio: When available, this button takes you to the Download Center. The presence of this tool indicates the availability of a downloadable audio file. Select collections offer MP3 downloads, such as ExecSummaries, ExecBlueprints, and BusinessPro audiobooks.

Companion website

Companion Website: Takes you off-site to the official website for the title you are currently viewing. These are usually hosted by the publisher or the author.