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RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to receive lists of titles straight to your desktop.

For lists of titles and some search results lists* clicking on the RSS Feed button button sets up the feed. When you click on this button, a page of XML (the RSS feed data) will display in your browser. To subscribe to the feed you will need to enter the URL that is displayed in the browser address bar into your RSS reader.

If you do not have a RSS reader, you can download one via the internet from many sources. They are available in all forms including stand alone applications, browser plugins and email client extensions.

The RSS button can be found on the right at the top of "What's New," "Top Titles" and Browse Topics lists, as well as some search results lists (see graphic below). The button works for the current list displayed. To browse a list of predefined RSS feeds, click on the "RSS feed" link located in the footer of every page.

Note: Depending on your Books24x7 implementation, you may need to log into your corporate portal before you are able to follow the links in the RSS feeds.

* Search RSS is only available for "General Info" searches - NOT "All Content" searches.

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