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My Profile

Your profile allows you to share your information, interests, and activities with other members of your inGenius Community. You must create a profile before you can participate in community activities.

My Profile screen

Interests and Expertise

You can declare, self-rate and share your areas of interest. There are three levels of expertise that you can declare: Learner, Knowledgeable, or Expert. All declared interests are displayed in your Profile, and you can edit, add or delete interests at any time.

My Profile screen

Suggested Interests

Based on a user's recent activity, inGenius will also suggest additional possible areas of interest. When a user edits their profile, they will be presented with new topics of interest based on recent activity and asked if they'd like to add these to their profile. Users can add these suggested interests by assigning them a rating, or choose to delete them by clicking Delete.

inGenius Score

inGenius Score icon The inGenius "Score" is a way to recognize users that are active, valuable participants in an organization's inGenius community. Users are awarded inGenius "G's", based on their inGenius activity. Users can earn a maximum of 5 G's. Earning these is based on the quantity of a user's inGenius activity and how many community members found their activity helpful.

Items that contribute to a users inGenius "G" score are:

The inGenius score is displayed when a user views their Profile:

or if they view a list of People results following a search:

Note: Users cannot edit their inGenius Score.

Privacy Settings

You have full control over what information you share with other members of the inGenius Community. You have the ability to make certain aspects of your profile Visible to all member of the community or to restrict access by making them Private.