Answering Questions

After you launch the questionnaire or assessment, you may have to agree to the conditions of self-monitoring to confirm you are the person answering the questions.

Click Agree to continue the questionnaire and launch Slide 1.

If you disagree, the questionnaire will close.

See Certitude Player for information about the tools and buttons used to navigate through the questions.

Question and answer types

Questions appear on slides. Each slide can have one or more questions that you must complete before you can proceed to the next slide. There are several different question and answer types that may appear in the questionnaire.

Question types can include:

  • Questions that require an action, or series of actions before you can answer the question
  • Questions with informational media to aid your understanding of the question
  • Questions with required media that you must view before you can provide an answer
  • Questions that may prompt additional questions depending on your answer (questionnaires only)
Note: Media in the question section can include images, PDFs, and external links to videos, web sites, etc.

Answer types can include:

  • Multiple choice, but you are limited to selecting only one answer
  • Select all that apply where you can choose one or more answers, but may be limited to selecting a set number
  • Write in where you must type in your answer (not supported in Assessments)
  • Answers that present follow-up questions that require an answer (not supported in Assessments)
  • Answers with media attached to aid your understanding of the option
Note: Media in the answer section is limited to images

Each slide can include any combination of the above question and answer types.