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Getting started

Getting started with Certitude

Follow the Certitude workflow to create and manage Certitude assets

Review the Certitude Home Page

Manage users

Manage users to create administrators and reviewers

Add a user to your Certitude site

Create an asset

Compare Questionnaires vs. Assessments to determine which type meets your needs

Get to know the Certitude Editor

Create a Questionnaire or Assessment


Use the Certitude Reviewer to review completed questionnaires

Search for Questionnaires by user name or title

Review a Questionnaire to monitor answers and provide feedback to learners


Manage Reports in order to monitor learner completions

Create a New Report for information about completed Questionnaires or Assessments

Certitude for learners

Launch assets in the Certitude Player

See Answering Questions for information about the various answer types

See About Completions to review your answers and access your completion certificate