Getting Started

The Certitude tool is a powerful resource for creating questionnaires, assessments, surveys, and policy certifications for learners.

Use Certitude to:

  • Create questionnaires and assessments for use in your LMS
  • Add administrators who can manage and create the questionnaires and assessments
  • Add reviewers who can review questionnaires completed by your learners
  • Use reports to monitor completed assets
  • Review and comment on completed questionnaires

Certitude assets are created as AICC files. Download the files from Certitude, add the files to your LMS, and assign them to your learners. When launched, the assets play in the Certitude Player.

The player communicates user actions back to the LMS which tracks and stores progress, responses, and completions. The player also relays this information to Certitude for reporting and reviewing purposes.

See Certitude Workflow to get started.