Certitude Workflow

Use the following workflow to create, manage, and assign Questionnaires and Assessment for your learners.

  1. Learn to manage questionnaires and assessments.
  2. Manage Certitude users.
  3. Review the Questionnaires vs Assessments topic to determine which type best meets your needs.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Editor.
  5. Create new Questionnaires and Assessments.
    1. Add Details such as title, language, email settings, and conditions for self monitoring.
    2. Add a policy if learners are required to read one in order to answer the questions or meet certification requirements.
    3. Add the questions and answers that display to the learners.
    4. Add a completion message that displays when learners complete the questionnaire or assessment.
    5. Select the reviewers that may need to review learners' responses and follow-up with them if necessary (questionnaires only).
    6. Format the print options if learners want to print the questionnaires or assessments.
  6. See About Translations to learn why translated copies of questionnaires and assessments are useful, and create them if desired.
  7. In the editor, Publish and download the AICC file so you can deploy it to your LMS.
  8. Create reports to monitor learners' completed questionnaires and assessments.
  9. Use Reviewer to comment on learners' responses to questionnaires. (not available for assessments)