Certitude Editor

Use the Certitude Editor to create or edit questionnaires and assessmets.

In addition to the Certitude menu, the editor includes:

  1. Tabs for adding or modifying:
    • Details such as name, title, language, and version.
    • A Policy document or external link.
    • The Questions and answers.
    • A Completion Message that displays when the learner completes the questionnaire or assessment.
    • The Reviewers assigned to review completed questionnaires. (Not available for assessments)
    • A Print Format for printing the questions.
  2. The following additional menu items:
    • Save - The first time you save a new questionnaire or assessment, it's added to the Home page in alphabetical order.
    • Note: If you leave the editor or exit the browser without saving, you will lose all changes made since the last save.
    • publish button, white arrow pointing up Publish - Publish the questionnaire or assessment to activate it and make it available for assignment. If this is an update to an existing questionnaire, the version number will automatically update. If users have completed a previous version, you will have to reassign the new version after publish. If users have NOT completed a previous version, their assignment will automatically update to the new version.
    • Print: Print your questionnaire. Generic text strings that appear on the questionnaire (e.g., "Choose a single response below") are translated to the questionnaire's language when printed.
    • Home: Returns to the Certitude Home page.
  3. Fields for completing each section of the questionnaire or assessment, based on the tab selected.
  4. The Help link to view context sensitive help for the specific screen or field.