Manage Users

In order for users in your organization to manage and review questionnaires and assessments, you must add them to Certitude.

Note: Only users with the role of Administrator can access the Users page.

To access the Users page, click users button, black square with white silhouette of people from the Certitude menu.

On the Users page you can:

  • Add admins and reviewers.
  • Search for admins and reviewers by name. See About Search for more information.
  • See the Username, Name, and Email of the user.
  • See the Role of the user.
    • admin icon, blue keys - Indicates the user's role is Admin.
    • reviewers icon, black notepad - Indicates the user's role is Reviewer.
  • Click Show/Hide learner users to view learners who've launched Certitude assets.
  • Show Active and Inactive users.
    • Click show inactive users button, black square with white figurehead to display the Status column. The Status column indicates:
      • active users icon, green circle with white checkmark The user is active.
      • inactive user icon, grey circle with white x The user is inactive.
      • Inactive users cannot access administrative or reviewer functionality.

    • Click hide inactive users button, white square with black figurehead to remove the Status column and include only active users in the list.
    • Click edit button, white square with pencil next to a users name to:
      • Edit the user's information.
      • Change the user's role.
      • Resend the welcome email.
      • Erase the user's information from the system.
      • Download the user's information to a CSV file.
    • Click inactivate button, white square with black x next to a user's name to inactivate the user.