About Search

Several pages in Certitude use a search field to filter lists. For example, the Certitude Home page includes a search field to narrow the list of Questionnaires and Assessments displayed. The Reports and Users main pages include a search field to narrow the list of reports or users displayed.

Additionally, some pages include an "Add" option for adding items to a list. For example, when creating a report, you can add specific users to include in the report results. The "Add" dialog includes a search field that allows you to narrow the list of available users.

In all instances, the search field uses the same method for refining the list of items displayed.

To use a search field

  1. Enter one letter in the field.
  2. All items with that letter anywhere in the name display. Items without that letter are excluded.
  3. Entering two or more letters will return only items with those letters included in the name consecutively.
  4. If this is a list of assets, users, or reports on a main page, the list narrows.

  5. If this is an Add item dialog, use the multi-select keyboard options to select one or more items from the list.
  6. Click Add. The names are added to the report, and removed from the search dialog.
  7. Enter a new search term to locate additional names.


Let's say you're adding users to a report and you want to include users whose first names are: Abigail, Abner, Gabriel, Amber, and Jacob.

When you click Add, the Add Users dialog includes many additional names including Sarah, Cameron, Jackie, Juan, Arjun, and Said.

You enter the letter 'a' in the search field. The list narrows, but still includes all the users mentioned above as well as several more whose names include the letter 'a'. (Last names also apply)

Next, you enter the letter 'b' and your search term is now 'ab.' Abigail, Abner, and Gabriel are still included in the list because the 'ab' in their names is consecutive. The rest of the names above are removed, including Amber and Jacob, because the 'ab' in their names is not consecutive.

Use the multi-select keyboard option to select Abigal, Abner, and Gabriel.

Continue searching for, and adding names as needed.